Welcome to the "hidden" section of my site. This is more private and personal, and while in some ways I would like to share the many years of pleasure Tolkien has given me, there are so many fanatics out there ready to shred anyone who doesn't mirror their views that I don't want to invite people in. If you are here, then you are seriously searching the net for something different. Feel free to email me and share the pleasure Tolkien has given you.

So what is here?
There are my memories from the days before the "Lord of the Rings" was so widely known.
There is a list of Tolkieniana I have collected (or been given) over the years.
I'm also including some artwork I did (well before the days of Alan Lee or John Howe)
and my thoughts on the movies as they come out.

Background: The device of Idril Celebrindal, from the dust cover of 'The Silmarillion' (1977). Image used without permission.
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